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For Businesses. Write a Review. I absolutely loved this place! The view of and proximity to the beach is a huge plus on a sunny day. The wait was also pretty short for a Saturday morning around 11am. The ambiance is very welcoming and casual, and the staff was excellent.

Nice place in terms of having an ocean view and brunch at reasonable prices.

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But this location is high key a mess when compared to the Point Loma one. Now what do I mean by a mess? We were told that for our party of 2 that the wait would be 20 minutes.

It was an hour. Basically their payment system temporarily broke. And they didn't even really announce this. What happened was the hostess in charge came to the largest group and just told them that it was down and that they were only accepting cash at the moment until it fixed. Fortunately we were close enough to the largest group to overhear this But I just don't understand why the hostess didn't personally go to each group or make some mass announcement so that patrons who were waiting outside could hear.

My friend and I weren't even asked if we had cash but groups that came after us were seated before us. While we didn't have enough cash combined on us, it would've made sense that the hostess asked if we did instead of assuming.

Anyways, by the time the payment system got fixed and tables were cleared we got seated at pm. Now the largest group went in before us and looks like we were served water before they were and they walked out since they didn't get any service not even water, yikes they even stopped by our table to let us know this, which sucks cuz they waited over an hour for no service.

It took maybe min before we had our orders taken but we were patient since we already waited all of that time. And once we finally got our food it did not disappoint.

My steak tenderloin hash was sooo big and so filling. It came with tons of eggs, potatoes, meat, salsa, horse radish cream, and sourdough bread. I did find a hair in my bread though which was a bit gross. I told the waitress and she got me an entire plate of new bread which I was not expecting at all and my meal got comped.

Not only this but when I had my order I taken, I asked for no horseradish cream and still got it. My friend ordered the coconut french toast which is what I've gotten at the Point Loma location which has the perfect amount of coconut on it which is brought out by the flavor of the syrup.

While the food and location here is great, the service in the beginning as a bit whack. I've been to the Point Loma location on a Sunday at around the same time and it was super calm, not crowded or hectic at all and had a lot better service than this location in my opinion. I just wanted a big one.

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Btw, Cute venue The best part of my meal was running into a colleague from my university. He was doing really well.

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He drove all the way up from PB for this place. Amazing breakfast food. Farm to table. Great view of the ocean. Worth the wait. Friendly staff.

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Reasonable prices for the area. Can't wait to go back. A good choice of gluten free options. Fun decor. The food was super delicious and fresh. I arrived on a Saturday around am.

There were a few tables empty and I was told to just pick a table with a menu. I got to sit facing the ocean and park so that was beautiful. The space is well lit but small. There is one long table in the middle. I can imagine that this place can get full fast.

I like horchata and lattes so the combo presented itself at breakfast. OMG delicious creamy and cinnamony. I wish to find this at home or a recipe. Ordered the buff burrito and it came as two burritos - definitely add the avocado.

It was super fresh and light. Beans were my least favorite as it had no flavor or seasoning. The reason for the low stars is purely on the service. It took awhile to order and get my food. My latte did come out lukewarm but the flavors made up for it and I wasn't willing to wait for a hot one. Definitely give it a shot-just not when in a time crunch. Came here on a Sunday around 11am for brunch.

It's not too large but has nice cozy beach vibe. We were seated immediately! I ordered the Calexxxican and it was very tasty, like an elevated juevos rancheros. The ingredients are very fresh and colorful as well. The only downside is that when it gets busy, it causes slower service.

They could maybe benefit from more staff? The service was still fine, just a bit behind. This place has pretty decent food but what's up with the awful service?

I came here 2 days in a row because I had to work an event in Solana Beach last weekend. On the 2nd day, we walked in and that same man greeted us, but with a very unenthusiastic "welcome back". We were awkwardly waiting at the front thinking someone would seat us. While we were busy looking at the menu, the had apparently asked us what we wanted to drink but we didn't hear him because he was a few tables across from us.

I asked what you wanted to drink. Why get mad at us if we can't hear you because 1 you are several tables away and 2 we're clearly busy looking at the menu and don't know somebody was trying to talk to us?

I've never encountered service like this even at some of my worst restaurant experiences. And trust me I'm Chinese and I've dined at countless Asian restaurants with the worst service and I have never encountered anything like this.

It's a disappointment because even though I thought the food was pretty good, it was all masked with the awful service that the food didn't even matter. A picturesque view in SB by Pillbox Beach with delicious, healthy food done right!!

The menu is always full of tasty options for b'fast or lunch! I'm a fan of the Calexxican, which is egg whites scrambled together with soy chorizo and homemade tortilla chips and topped with fresh avocado and sour cream! Plus, salsa fresca and beans on the side Get 2 salsas!!! Honestly, you won't even know it's a veggie dish is tastes so good and I'm not vegetarian!

The egg whites, soy chorizo, and avocado burritos are my other favorite that's an "old school" menu secret However, they will usually hook it up still because it shows your an OG customer! You can't beat the view of the beach either. They have the best French toast I had ever have. Before this I thought French toasts are boring, never thought they can be that good. It was perfectly soaked and seasoned and the coconut flakes on top added special texture and flavor as well.

Would come back just for the French toast Also had their steak. There was too much spinach so it just tasted like a salad without dressing. It does come with a side of salsa, so definitely recommend using that. Also got a Pink Lotus to drink which was good. Not the best. Just good. It's right by Fletcher's Cove so you can take a nice stroll afterwards. We were seated by the window, but we just got a view of the mini parking lot and the garbage bins.

Great spot if you're visiting the beach and need a bite, but would not go out of the way just to eat here. I went here for Sunday brunch with two of my friends, and we were seated surprisingly quickly.

The atmosphere was nice, and the restaurant has a phenomenal view of the ocean. Service was friendly, and pretty prompt at the beginning. Two of us ordered coffee drinks and they were out fairly quickly. We ordered shortly thereafter, there was possibly a slight delay due to how busy it was, but we understood and didn't mind.

We flagged down the waitress and asked her about our order. I felt like this was odd, as it was very busy this day and we had been sitting there for a while, so it seems like someone should have noticed we had been there for an hour and not received any food and said something.

The waitress was very nice and apologetic and said she would check on the kitchen. She came back about 5 minutes later and apologized in a way that seemed as if she had forgotten to put our ticket in and told us she would "take care of the bill.

It was not very temperature hot closer to room temp. We ordered pumpkin chocolate chip bread on the side, which was amazing. When we got the bill, she took off the coffees and the pumpkin bread, which were a pretty immaterial portion of the bill. I felt as if they could have done more to make up for the unreasonable delay caused either by her forgetting to put the ticket in, or the kitchen just taking a full hour to prepare our food they never confirmed what caused the delay. It was truly a disappointing experience and I do not think I will return.

New favorite brunch spot! This hidden gem is tucked between buildings but it's outdoor patio has a nice view of the ocean. Started off with the golden fairy dust tea latte, which was a delicious spin of a classic chai tea latte. The ginger is settle but compliments the cinnamon well. For the main course I went with the yin and yang and I did not regret that decision. Added an egg over easy making it even more delicious. The tortilla served with it was also very good. Had to try the coconut French toast so I decided to split it with a friend.

This was also super yummy! They were generous with the coconut flakes and the berry sauce on the side went well with the toast. Looking forward to trying more things on the menu, including the kombucha mimosas! This cafe's green walls and natural lighting really drew us in. Wednesday morning brunch, there was no wait and the staff was very nice. We were all very happy with our food!

It came out fast and we were able to enjoy it in the sunshine. Only thing I would change is the ratio of beans to main dish on the plate-I only ate about half my beans before getting tired of them.

I would recommend maybe replacing half the beans with a different side, such as greens or potatoes. Highly recommend this place for a healthy and tasty meal. Its great location is easy to find and extremely close to the beach, making it a convenient start to a great sunny day.

We'll be returning next time we're in town! I came here in a group of 5 for brunch. I like how the windows are opened so that you get the ocean breeze air. However it got up to 93 degrees inside and the ceiling fan did not help. My ice completely melted and my water soon became luke warm. After being seated it took 30 minutes for our server to take our order.

It took another 45 minutes for our food to arrive. It would have been nice for our server to ate us throughout the wait or check in on us. Once the food arrived our server apologized for the delay and blamed it on how busy it was. My banana blackberry pancakes were good. I like the coconut french toast a lot better. The Calexxxican was super good! It is soy chorizo and corn tortilla chips, topped with feta, avocado and sour cream.

I probably would not come back here again. The food is good but nothing stands out. Denny's would have been better service, cooler and just as good pancakes. This is the best place for a morning coffee or tea while you lookout over the ocean. Also, get some of the coconut French Toast if you're feeling indulgent!!

World's Most Influential Finance and Economics Blog with Trenchant Commentary, Tenacious Investigation and Insider Political/Regulatory Analysis. It's the little choices that add up. Start with one of these delicious and nutritious fruit smoothies from Naked. Skip the elevator for the stairs or opt for the standing desk . reviews of Naked Cafe "I absolutely loved this place! The view of and proximity to the beach is a huge plus on a sunny day. The wait was also pretty short for a Saturday morning around 11am. The ambiance is very welcoming and casual, and the 4/5.

Have eaten here a couple of times. It's OK. The coffee situation needs to improve. They have a barista, but she needs training. Cap was served way too hot. Tossed it. This was an accidental find and I'm so glad we did! We searched on yelp for a good place to grab a quick bite after a hike and saw this place was open on Christmas Eve. Let's start with the food - we had the crispy vegetarian burritos, dual delight ginger beef and chicken and the plate of prosperity quinoa, zucchini, egg whites and spinach.

Honestly what stood out was the freshness and the unique combination of flavors. They did the regular ol brunch thang with a twist- even the mimosas came with pomegranate juice if you wanted. Oh and I had the blackberry and banana smoothie - Delicious! Service was excellent. Thank you everyone, especially Cambria who helped us. Our family will definitely return! Great location with beautiful scenery that you will enjoyed. Great breakfast place near the beach in Solana.

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