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When I masturbate all I usually get is precum and that's all. I want to know if I'm doing it wrong but I usually get spasms just no ejaculate. The spasms dont hurt. No, you're not going anything wrong. Puberty is a gradual process.

You should start slow, but work your way up at a comfortable rate. When you cum, you'll notice your penis contracts several times. Doing kegels will make these contractions more intense, and if you're lucky the semen will shoot rather than drip.

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Note - do NOT hold a kegel as you are about to cum, this will attempt to prevent ejaculation rather than let it happen more smoothly. Third, the more sexually turned on you are, the more intense your ejaculation will be. A common technique is to masturbate until just before the point of ejaculation, and the to hold it back and wait until the excitement subsides.

And then repeat, and again stop before you cum. Do this several times, the more the better. Finally when you're ready, go all the way and don't stop, when you cum you will most likely have multiple cumshots and cum quite a bit more than normal.

This is because as you build up the excitement, the more sexually turned on you are, the more watery your semen becomes. Because it's thinner than usual, and there's more of it than usual as doing this builds up ejaculateyou will more than likely shoot the cum. All Rights Reserved. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply.

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Dec 21, Semen should come out after that. I don't know how old you are but I assume by the way you asked the question you're quite young, so if nothing comes out, you just aren't developed enough. I had the same thing when I first started. You can't really do it wrong, if it feels good then it's right. If it doesn't, you aren't doing it right. Mar 10, How do you cum? Do you make weird painful noises, or do you simply go for a more quieter approach? How long do you wait till you pull out? Do you lose your balance or . Dec 01, Yes that is correct Handytim, more cum or semen comes out if you let some one else do it for you, particularly a female. Before I married my girlfriend used to take my penis in both her hands and masturbate me in a regular basis, at least doing that she would not become pregnant, a .

Firstly, abstaining from sexual activity will increase the amount of ejaculate. Related Questions How can you cumshot? Don't ejaculate for a couple of days, and you'll get a pretty big cumshot.

Asked in Health Any effects on health by doing cumshot? How do you make a cumshot? A cumshot is a burst of sperm, which you can point at 'something', though not everybody ejaculates like that constantly. Asked in MySpace How do you make cumshot bigger?

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Eat a lot of celery. It boosts the amount of semen that you'll produce resulting in a 'bigger' cumshot. What is world record for a cumshot? Maybe is from peter north. What is the difference between a creampie and a cumshot? A creampie is the act of ejaculating inside the vagina - which can be viewed as a portion comes back out. A cumshot is the act of ejaculating on the outside of the woman's body - face, breasts, pretty much anywhere.

Asked in Statistics, Algebra, Geometry When can men cumshot how old? Use a camera that has great picture quality close up. How far is the average cumshot? Mine is about 1 foot aiming up, and about 18 in when its a blowjob. How do you make your cumshot bigger? Less masturbation lets your sperm build up so when you do come, there will be more to be released. It varies. What is a cumshot? That would be the extremely fake-y shot in a porn movie where the guy ejaculates onto something and it's usually tapioca pudding instead of "cum" anyhow.

Make cumshot powerful? To make your cumshots powerful, you must whip your dick out in public and let women touch it. This will make you more confident and you will squirt like there is no tomorrow! How do you Cream pie in a girl? You would just ejaculate in her vagina. That tends to be what he prefers too.

But I think the occasional body shot can be fun too, and would have no issue if he wanted to do that to switch it up, or I may suggest it if I want to do something different. I haven't had any of the guys I've been with bust on my face yet, but I'm not totally opposed to the idea. Typically though, inside. I just like the feeling, the intimacy.

It just feels more satisfying to me. I enjoy giving a facial, and glazing on the breasts too! TheseusEscaped Xper 1. I think it depends on the girl and the guy they're with. My girlfriend refused to swallow until she dated me.

Now she loves it. She says she craves my cum and demands that I finish in her mouth every time we have sex. If I finish in her ass or pussy, she acts upset, only half-jokingly.

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She calls my cum her 'medicine' and wants me to feed it to her at least twice a day. She has also started wanting it on her face, after which she will take a selfie to remember it by. She is by far the most amazing woman I have ever been with and I will do everything I can to keep her.

I like the texture, swishing it in my mouth and I love after it evaporates off my face that when I lick that area, I can still taste throughout the day. Can anyone guess why I remain anonymous? Sign Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. Would you date a relationship virgin?

WWhat makes you or someone you had sex with, good in bed? Day 8 of noFap, failed last week, how do I survive this? Sort Girls First Guys First. I love cum. I like the taste. I like the texture. I like watching it shoot out of his cock. I like playing with it. I like swallowing it. I like having him cum into my mouth and feed me his cum.

I think cum is the most amazing wonderful stuff there is. I think it's love juice. I think many women feel the same way I do, but are just too embarrassed to say so in public. That's the hottest thing I ever read haha. I fully agree with you, I love it too. I have to agree with Telekenetic-Potato. That's fuckin' hot as fire. Sexydeni Xper 5. I am always happy when he comes and he's always happy when i do:.

I don't love it but to me it goes with giving head. I've only given head to 2 guys before my present boyfriend and they each had their own taste and how they responded to getting head.

The 2nd guy was the best over all, and the 1st guy's was okay once I finally get used to it. I'm finally starting to get used to my boyfriend's to where I actually like it a lott, but the 1st several times it was like ewww.

What is Premature Ejaculation? (Overcoming PE)

The best thing I find it to just swallow it down and not make anything of it because the whole act of giving head is pretty exacting and sexy to me. I wouldn't want to spoil an otherwise great bj by spitting of making some kind of scene to where my guy might think I didn't like really like it all.

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So yeah, I can say that I like it once I get used to it. Ermmmmm only know from one guy, and it tasted like salt. Xper 4. I want him to do it inside medeep inside me. I feel those few seconds that he is shooting his sperm into me as the intimate part. It is much more than he is simply cumming in me. He is filling my womb with his potent seed, he is inseminating me. It is just my birth control preventing my impregnation. Miyonis Xper 5. Personally, I don't like it.

Though some say they like it and seem to act like it, but who really ever knows what is going on in between someone else's ears? Voted B, anyways. Ummm NO! It tastes like snot, but it goes hand in hand with giving a blow job hahaha, any girl that tells you she likes the taste is most definitely lying. Xper 6. I think a lot of the women who do like it, like it for more of what it represents But I'm a guy, so what do I know.

I suppose it's just rewarding to make someone cum, it's not that I like the taste, but I don't mind it, it's not the worst thing I've tasted lol. Would you let me cum on yo face. It's not as terrible as girls make it sound. It's not something I would want to taste everyday, and it could be worse. CaliSoccerFella Xper 6. I've had most girls want it shot on them cause i been told I shoot a impressive load only 1 girl has loved to swallow it that i've had.

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It depends. Inside is always nice, but I also love watching it. I get the best view when they pull out on my stomach or boobs.

Do you cum

Caiitlyn Xper 5. Chest, nice Inside, I don't know why, I just like the feeling. On my breasts too, it turns me on :. I wouldn't say I like it, but I've gotten used to it. I'm neutral, I guess. Jdquick Xper 1. Obviously not a girl but I love cum, I like it on my body, my ass, my cockon my face but the best for me is in my mouth as he rams his dick in my mouth and it hits the back of my throat.

Fiona83 Xper 7. I'm fine with everything as long as it's not my face. I prefer inside of course, it's the most intimate. Nenna Xper 4. I used to hate it I like watching a man cums.

How do you ejaculate?

I find it very erotic. I like the fact that I can pleasure a man to the point that he has an orgasm. I love the taste of my mans cum. I love watching it spurt out! He can put it on me anywhere! All of the above. Why because it depends on his mood and my mood.

However I love when he cums in my mouth and I spit it out in to his mouth. Yummy. AnitaMarie Xper 2. I like a guy to come inside me.

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I just find it satisfying and a turn on. When a guy is depositing a part of himself in me, it just feels right.

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TheHooptyMiata Xper 6. I think it's just a personal thing. I was fucking this one girl for a while who loved jizz on her face. Others hate it. DanteX Xper 5.

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