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Kissing ass, sucking up, brown nosing. We have lots of terms for trying to make someone like you, almost all of them dirty. If you master the art of charming people, everything becomes easier - making the sale, getting the promotion, keeping your job. The key is doing it right. Kissing ass has gotten a bad rap because so many people are bad at it. Unfortunately though, the technique is light on training materials. The first step in learning to kiss ass effectively is to get rid of the bad taste in your mouth that comes just from thinking about it.
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You might be embarrassed, trip all over yourself, and feel horrible about how inept you are. Learning the fine art of ass kissing is like every other skill. It takes practice.

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The masters of the craft dedicate years to it, honing their skills of observation and delivery. And they make plenty of mistakes. I recommend practicing on your relatives.

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Your mom, for instance, is morally obligated to like you, no matter how dishonest you are. Try throwing out a compliment every now and again.

You should also start with safe complements. Tell someone you like their shoes or their car. Once you feel comfortable with your skills, put them to work to help you make more money. Here are some ideas:.

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You might start getting invited to more parties, or people may start making a point to introduce you to other movers and shakers. In the end, making people like you is no substitute for genuine talent, but it helps give you a chance to display that talent.

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For instance:. Use ass with discretion. What does he expect me to do?

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Kiss his ass? I won't kiss your ass for anything.

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Also, kiss up to. Seek or gain favor by fawning or flattery, as in I am not going to kiss as to get the raise I deserveor If I could find a good way to kiss up to the publisher, my book would be well promoted.

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The first, a vulgar slangy usage, was first recorded in as kiss arsewhich is still the British usage. Kiss ass unknown. A Kiss ass is commonly known as a person who will go to many lengths to look impressive, good, and worthy towards another person or group of higher social standing.

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This is usually due to their need to ascend in the ranks of their workplace, school, or society in general. In their quest for higher status and privilege, they will become unguarded and their peers will begin to notice how fake and transparent their attempts are.

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A Kiss ass will most definetly seem fake due to the fact they don't actually give a shit when people watch how fake they are. Ted's co-workers knew he was a Kiss ass because he never went to TGIF with them, and instead went out with the boss. Like a Suck-Up.

Apr 30, How To Kiss Ass The Smart Way. Scientific research on how to kiss ass like a pro. Yes, kissing ass can help you get ahead. But there aren't many places where you can learn how to kiss ass effectively. Studies have also shown that when it's obvious it can backfire. Kissing ass has gotten a bad rap because so many people are bad at it. They're like amateur magicians that the crowd boos because their tricks are obvious. Unfortunately though, the technique is light on training materials. You can't take Brown Nosing in college or browse through the Sucking up section at the bookstore. A kiss-ass, otherwise known as a teacher's pet, brown-noser, or in case of the office, a 'Yes,man/woman', is a person who will constantly suck up to a person in a higher position, hoping to gain attention and/or favor.

Some one who kisses the teacher or coaches ass to get on their good side. Damn Kelsey is such a kissass during practiceI love her when she's not at sports but when she is she is way to serious.

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Somebody who deliberately ingratiates themselves to authority figures in such a way as to be annoying to their peers.

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