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It's crucial to know the rules of any community you join. If you notice rulebreaking, please use the report button under the offending post. Erowid's psychedelics FAQ. Ask The Caterpillar is an easy to use chat service that allows people to access information about substances. Towards a culture of responsible drug use. How do I safely conceal drugs in my anus? I am going to a festival where there will be sniffer dogs.

How do I safely conceal drugs in my anus? I am going to a festival where there will be sniffer dogs.

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I want to to take some mdma with me. It's in capsules. I want to conceal them in my anus because there's a small possibility of getting strip searched, but not cavity searched.

I have never done this. Does anyone have any good advice on how best to conceal drugs in my anus in a safe and retrievable manner? Put your drugs in there, tie it up, insert. It wont break, and it'll taste bad, but you can use your teeth if you can't find anything to open it with once inside.

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Also, your reaction to any sort of search is just as important. If you look like you're walking with something up your ass It sounds wierd, but I'd suggest practicing. Stick some ibuprofen in a condom, get used to walking and standing.

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Be normal. A simple, "Hey, how are you doing? There seems to be an idea that most sniffer dogs aren't real. My experience here is that they are. In Australia the police regularly set up outside festivals to supposedly catch dealers but inevitably just catch small time users.

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The dogs picked me up last time with mdma capsules strapped to my gooch. I wasn't strip searched but the possibility remains. Thanks for the responses though, my concerns were mainly with how to retrieve my stash. I guess I'm worried about it getting stuck up there. Can you elaborate a little? I'm from oz and been to many a festival.

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Did you just strap the caps to your gooch or did you wrap them in anything? You say you weren't strip searched, so what did they do? Real sniffer dogs are very expensive. What most places employ are dogs that are trained to respond to subtle command. When security see someone queued up that looks nervous they give the command for the dog to react and then they justify a search.

So real sniffer dogs and anus-hidden drugs or not the best thing you can do is act cool, smile, talk, whatever it is people do waiting to get in a festival. I think most know their audience is going to get high.

Hide ur ass

They just need to appear to be combatting it. I can't help but think there have got to be better places to hide drugs. They can't possibly search everything. I would think well-wrapped drugs plugged up a tent pole would be better than up your bum. Perhaps in resealed food of some kind, if that's allowed.

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But if it must go up there, use a condom or two. Fortunately MDMA is tolerant of a fair amount of heat. Maybe it's different overseas, but in Australia the sniffer dogs are deployed by the police and they often do thorough searches. The chances of being picked up are still slim but high enough to warrant my shoving drugs up my bum.

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Opening the pipes and something else Ads by TrafficFactory. If you wear the same coat every day, make hidden pockets like up the sleeves or on the inside of your collar. Tape things to the inside of your shoes.

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This works well at the end of pointy shoes, just past where your toes reach. Flat items such as notes, or money can be hidden underneath the insole of the shoe. Some shoes come with tiny compartments for storing things, such as on the back of the heel or on the tongue.

Look for cavities in your appliances. Televisions, video game consoles and DVD players have flaps that open or other compartments that you can use to hide things away. Just make sure these aren't used or known by your parents. These cavities occasionally house important parts of the appliance, such as an Ethernet plug or soft reset switch. Make sure the inserting something into the cavity will not damage the appliance. Use the attic. The attic is used for long term storage and is a place that few people go on a regular basis.

Hide the item somewhere easy for you to access, but out of plain view in case someone needs to move something to or from the attic. Labeling the bag can help add to the disguise.

Feb 06, How to Hide Things from Parents. Tired of your parents finding your stuff? Do you have money, love letters and other embarrassing material that you need to keep between you and no one else? Hiding things from your parents takes a little Views: K. How do I safely conceal drugs in my anus? I am going to a festival where there will be sniffer dogs. If you look like you're walking with something up your ass It sounds wierd, but I'd suggest practicing. Stick some ibuprofen in a condom, get used to walking and standing. of course the security guy knows that you could hide stuff in. XVIDEOS milf-ass videos, free. livoniasend.com - the best free porn videos on internet, free.

For example, writing "Christmas decorations" on the bag will prevent the bag from being examined until the appropriate time of the year. Make sure your stuff gets hidden properly or marked appropriately as yours. Buy a portable safe. Your parents might not approve of this idea, especially if the safe is in plain sight.

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You can store the safe in the attic or somewhere else hidden to keep your parents from being suspicious. A mini fridge for your room might can serve the same purpose as a safe and will look much less out of place if you keep it in plain sight. Look for a mini fridge that comes with a locking mechanism to keep just anyone from checking out your fridge.

Safes and mini fridges can also be camouflaged. Tape some cardboard around the safe to create the illusion that the safe is simply a storage box full of your things. Hollow out a book. This is a fun way to hide things that is particularly effective if you do a lot of reading. Make sure it's a book that fits your reading habits. Keep an actual copy of the book you hollowed out in case your parents or siblings ever want to actually borrow that book.

Throw them in a box of old tapes or other junk to complete the look. Several websites offer services for hollowing out books, and can cut the storage area out to your specifications.

Hide your things outside. Hiding items outside gives you a much larger area to work with when hiding items and makes tracing items back to you more difficult. Make sure you put them somewhere very well hidden, so nobody will find them. The woods are a great place with plenty of nooks and crannies to hide things.

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Try hiding a few green carrier bags in a thick prickly bush, but make sure they are out of sight. The shed or garage is a good place to hide larger items.

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These areas are mostly used for storing items that are used only occasionally, such as the lawnmower or power tools. Make sure to properly mask the item you are hiding by placing it in a bag or other container first. Dig a hole and hide something there. Make sure the item is properly protected to avoid damage from the elements. Avoid digging in a spot that might give away your handiwork. For example, digging a hole in a grassy patch will leave a telltale bald area of fresh dirt.

Large partitions under the house or patio also allow for storage without drawing much suspicion. If items such as the lawnmower are also stored there, be ready to move your stash when it comes time to mow the lawn. Delete your web history. Web browsers will record a history of sites visited by default.

Your parents can check the history window to see all sites that were visited during a certain time period. Go into the settings of your web browser to delete the history.

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You can delete individual websites or clear the entire browsing history if preferred. You can also navigate Privacy settings here. If the browser supports multiple users, make sure that settings are unique to each user. Hide files properly. Move files you are trying to hide, such as chat logs or passwords, into folders that require passwords to access. Remove the files from plain sight - the idea is to make finding the files as difficult and oblique as possible. Files can also be hidden in file folders for existing programs that otherwise have nothing to do with your chat logs or passwords, such as the data folder of a game application.

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You can find this option under the Attributes field in file Properties. Lock your phone. Give your phone a password to prevent your parents from having access to your texts and phone call history.

If you have to leave your phone laying around to take care of a quick errand, make sure to put the phone to sleep in order to enable the lock. Use a unique password this is difficult or impossible to guess. Use a combination of letters, number and special characters when possible. This provides an extra layer of security to your phone. Keep your online accounts private. Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites you use should be kept private.

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