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In most instances using a Virtual Private Network VPN is sufficient to hide your real identity while online; however as Cody Kretsinger, who was using just this type of service, the UK based company Hide My Ass, had to find out, this might not always be the case. So lets look at what happened. In September the FBI arrested Cody Kretsinger, a year old Phoenix resident and charged him with conspiracy and unauthorized impairment of a protected computer, the Sony Pictures website. According to Reuters, Kretsinger pleaded guilty to both charges and could face up to 15 years in prison. LulzSec was considered a spinoff of Anonymous, a world-wide operating group of hacker-activists. Sony Pictures had to notify 37, users that their personal info might be at risk.

Revenue that is put into an account that may be used even before it is earned as in a subscription. The company will then use that account to invest in short term CDs and earn interest of the unearned income and not have to report as revenue.

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That is dishonest and stealing. I would be even more concerned about what other shady business practices are followed by companies that have to earn revenue unlawfully.

As the article says, there is an issue with the disclourse of logs and other information to government agencies. I think its best to setup a VPN through TOR and not every use a credit card to pay for a VPN service as that is a direct link back to you, your account details and then everything about you. And if any VPN service is in the west forget about true privacy, all the western countries governments can through the law get any information out of a ISP or VPN service. With respect to the comment on automatic billing, you can log on and cancel at any time, so why are you whinging about it, most web services use automatic billing thankfully, there is no way i would set up payment every month.

Logging the logon logoff sessions is enough for a government agency to start to build a picture of what you are doing.

They can just monitor all traffic coming out of that ISP and using the timing of your logons and logoffs and the connections made from the VPN to other services around that time and start to deduce what URLs you are going to. I signed up with them for a month, only to find out later that they automatically charge you monthly unless you specify they stop. Long story short, just stay away. This company has a bad customer service and are I personally would not recommend them.

Can not recommend. Why would you trust a thief? I curse this generation of tweens. They were be forever poor and forever living in a 1-bed apartment. Ugly, pimple-faced and fat.

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The rest of their natural-born lives I curse them. HMA have a bizarre payment processor called Avangate. This company is terrible. They refuse refunds and use your credit card to charge up without your permission. All positive reviews are probably paid advertising and I would strongly recommend everyone staying away from them. They have the nerve to charge in usa dollars, so if your in canada like me you are charged Log in log out, the sights you visit, emails, everything and for 2 years or more, so your not really on a private net work from them are you.?

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More like Expose My Ass! First of all, you pay with a traceable currency like a check, credit card or your bank account. You should never pay for any service to be anonymous with anything but Bitcoin or other digital anonymous currency.

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The whole point behind a VPN is to hide your identity. Plain and Simple. So, why keep logs??

Mar 29, Hide My Ass says that it retains this data for this period of time in order to improve performance, prevent fraud, and prevent bad guys from using the /5. Is Hide My Ass the best VPN provider? COMPARISON. Hide My Ass Review. Advertising Disclosure. HideMyAss, founded in , has over a decade of experience in the VPN industry and is an arm of Avast, a renowned security network family. HideMyAss provides customers with the tools and technology to encrypt their connections, staying safe while. Here is the list of our most popular downloads! We've got it covered - from our newest HMA Version 5 client to our web proxy browser extension! All of our official downloads can be also found on ou.

To aid the government in their quest to own the internet and our privacy! Check out the company you are giving your hard earned money to, so that they provide the service they are supposed to like privacy online. Encrypt your network your router and anything you use to access the internet or you will be monitored and your privacy means nothing! Encoding, Decoding and the math behind encrypting.

It really is just math on another level using algorithms to make and break a cipher. This should be taught in school at an early age so that everyone knows how to keep things a secret-something that is unheard of these days. This is the only way to keep your business private, the way it was meant to be in the constitution. Anyone wanting to learn how to use encryptions and anonymous security measures to stay safe can email me at: greengiant tutanota.

Tormail is safe too. I unfortunately purchased a years subscription from hide my ass. They are greedy, there liars, and their service is very slow. I went with vpvanish they do not keep logs, their service is lightning fast. I decided to take the loss, and go with a service that claims what they say, and protects your freedoms rather than hindering them.

We want to thank you for being an IPVanish user! I agree with you. I got the same BS response when I tried to cancel the service Yep, I went for the year service off the bat.

They were blaming my end of course, and when I got it running on PPTP, I found out the service was slow and thus useless for me, I tried to cancel. Their reason for denying my refund was that I had connected more then the times allowed for a refund Obviously I had, their system kept booting me off every 30 seconds and trying to reconnect. This should be clearly stated upfront, and if hma pro states this and they do keep logs.

Other wise they should tell you the truth upfront that they do keep logs. They encouraged the group to take more risks and do a larger attack precisely in order to catch members.

Sending e-mails while connected on HMA! Pro VPN - Hide My Ass!

It would not matter what measures were taken as sabu and the FBI were party to all group communication. Based on what you just said, then the FBI is actually the entity responsible for the crime then, as they conspired to use their informant to instigate and help set up this mass attack, which can strongly be argued may not have ever happened without their instigation via their proxy informant.

Andre, first of all, I wanted to congratulate you for such a well written text! It was a pleasant reading. Thank you for your comment. We are always looking for ways to make the site more user-friendly and easier to navigate. Your suggestions are appreciated.

They told me that they did not inform their legal department, then went on to say that they condemn any illegal activity while using their servers. A friendly reminder that they are watching, what do you think? I dropped HMA almost a year ago when I knew they were doing this.

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What are your thoughts on Private Internet Access? I switched to them and was wondering if they are any better?

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Hi and thanks for stopping by. They log time stamps of your connections, bandwidth and your IP. In every city in the world. You can send high rate, high bandwidth requests through these millions of IPs.

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In other words, any government agency with a court order gets carte blanche access to HMA. I use hidemyass daily to connect to poland and it works flawlessly every time. I have used other services that have been very unreliable and left me unable to connect on occassion. I would recommend this to anyone who requires a fast, reliable connection through their vpn service. Thanks for this article.

VPN is good if you want to hide your real location.

Hide your ass with a VPN could be the best choice if you are worried your online privacy sucks. Hide My Ass was founded in the year of , and is trusted by plenty of customers with the 30 day money back guarantee and other professional support. What Everybody Ought to Know About HideMyAss by andre. In most instances using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is sufficient to hide your real identity while online; however as Cody Kretsinger, who was using just this type of service, the UK based company Hide . Download Hide My Ass! Pro for free. Hide My Ass! Pro - Hide My Ass!Pro is an advanced yet simple to use application which anonymously encrypts your entire internet connection (by using a VPN - virtual private network system)/5(5).

However, about content streaming, I prefer the DNS option. Tried a few other VPN service. In my opinion HMA is the best at a very fair price.

It adds a whole new of watching TV through my computer in countries other than the one you in. More information here:. I guess they are cherry picking what it is they chose to hide our asses on. I paid for HMA for a year, used it for 6 weeks then got blocked by them for downloading something that they had a complaint about. Avoid HMA like the plague. Pick something not based in the UK. Rock and a hard place.

So is it right for HMA to turn his ass in? Where do you draw the line? Like here in the states and the gun issue. Not so fast my friend. So the question really is what you do and how you use it. Abuse it and pay the penalty in my book. HMA was right. It is insane. Example; my cousin can be seen in his house in his boxers drinking a cup of coffee. He laughed when he showed me. That should be an outrage. Are they transmitting radiowaves or dropping chemtrails to keep everyone so passive? It should be a disgusting bitter outrage with people in the streets but no one seems to care.

It is not a free country any longer when you have to wonder if the NSA is looking at your dick when you piss, or you know for a fact you are being logged, tracked, recorded, listened to. Thats no conspiracy theory it is a fact. My adage about life has become, you have all the freedom in the world until it becomes an inconvenience to someone in power, then look out.

I want to retain privacy because I want to retain my rights as a free and civilized human being, what we have now is quickly turning into what George Orwell warned us about, without exaggeration.

What VPN s do you use? When you say encrypted on both ends, what do you mean exactly? You mean the encryption on the other side being provided a VPN or some other third Party? To be honest Hide my ass is still a decent VPN provider; heaps of locations, and so many features. They are two very different things here. Hiding your details, IP, etc browsing websites safely and those sites genuinly do not know your details or your IP.

What if they plotted to murder someone, or worse. Hi There, Here is one thing which astonished me quite a bit lately. I just got my first mac, and installed Skype, among other programs on it. I said yes. And voila, all my cell contacts appeared on the mac screen. Now, I did not give to Apple any info about with exception of my cel and credit card, but in both I use only initials of my name not the whole name. So really, the phone was likely sufficient for Apple to get my cell contact list - all without asking me for permission.

It can not be too difficult. The link was given to let you read in detail ad we believe complete information could not be typed every time by the support executive and ma miss something so providing the link is best and it is for your favor. Read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use in order to get complete information.

I use a VPN thats bought and paid for by a Burn card, my real ID is never associated with this account, i also go to places and connect to my VPN using free wifi, mostly places that dont now better, everything i do is encrypted, and the other end is encrypted also, password protected and more bits than i would really need, then i can use proxies that fluctuate every 5 minutes in the baltics, my Business is my Business, its no one elses, and never will be!!!!

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No logs can help but still dont provide total anonimity. Maybe a good way of looking at it, is the degree of difficulty to identify a user. The other side of the equation to consider is why would anyone want to identify you in the first place?

I doubt that the nuts from the RIAA or MPAA will spend a lot of money to go after you if you just shared a few titles, but they may try if you are sharing thousands of movies or songs. I had an purevpn account and I contacted them asking about their logging policy. Guess what? After I sent them a few more emails, they finally got back to me with one line telling me to look for that information on their website myself.

So I went ahead and cancelled my subscription. Now i am in the market for a vpn again, but it is hard to find one that keeps no logs. Unfortunately I had the same experience with PureVPN, their customer service is slow to respond and then only sends these cryptic messages, apparently hoping that the user will figure it out.

I setup my own VPN using Amazon before, but I found that to be rather tedious and not suitable for the average user.

What Everybody Ought to Know About HideMyAss

When you do get it setup it works well; however, I am not sure how secure it would really be. The only way to setup an account with Microsoft is to use a credit card, so they have at least that information. Besides all cloud services have backups. Sadly Azure is NOT safe. Microsoft actively hands over information to local and federal law enforcment agencies, when the occasion occurs. So Azure NOT safe, it is monitored by Microsoft and every bit is heavily watched by many law enforcment agencies.

Be careful what you are doing with Azure, because it might just screw you hard. When presented with a court order or National Security Letter or non-US equivalentservices like this turn on IP logging and track you.

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Expecting them to defy their government when presented with such items is naive and irrational. Charles, you are correct. Not logging any information to begin with would be a good start. The real problem is the claim of anonymity, which is tough to guarantee. I strongly urge users to read the terms and condition and privacy statements of any provider they plan to sign up with. I understand that a VPN will turn on what they have in their hands upon request of their national authorities.

The problem is when they claim to not keep logs but do. Are you interested in getting extra savings when you place an order at Hide My Ass? Plus, receive a free gift with selected items. Shopping, you have to hurry! Start saving right now. It' as easy as a pie to bring what you want home at lower prices.

It is effective at Hide My Ass when you get your purchase to your door. Please don't treat yourself badly, ok? Hide My Ass has a stock of a variety of wonderful Internet Service goods at an alluring price.

Please use this discount to be kind to yourself. Pick the best budget at Hide My Ass to save some extra cash when you check out. It's your best way to bring your favorites home using less money on placing an order at Hide My Ass. Grab verified Hide My Ass coupons to cut the cost of your Internet Service bill before the sales end.

Attractive online clearance items from Hide My Ass are available for customers. Look no further than here for the most amazing deals! You'll be fond of it by choosing this option. Hurry up! Are you worried about personal information leaks when surfing the Internet? Virtual Private Network is your optimal solution to this problem, which enables you to browse web pages anonymously. Without safeguards against potential hackers, what you view or search for is likely to be exposed to dangerous people.

Hide My Ass performs remarkably in not only anonymous browsing but also content streaming and protecting banking details. With professional Hide My Ass VPN service, you can select the way you connect and browse web content faster than ever. In order to give you an unparalleled online experience, Hide My Ass boasts P2P sharing technology for its servers, which means you can view, share, and watch a huge selection of blockbusters freely. Now you can choose 1 month, month or month plan to suit any budget.

VPNs protect all internet users by creating an encrypted tunnel that connects the computer to the internet, Wi Fi hotspots and other networks. No matter what sites anyone visit, emails the users send or receive or what they buy online, nothing can be seen by anyone. Some buyer shall keep checking hotdeals. The website contains all the latest information and discount vouchers which is beneficial for the customers and the same can be applied by taking the code.

The following steps are to be followed to avail the discount:. A:For them, customer satisfaction is the foremost priority.

They ensure the same through a friendly customer support team to assist on any queries. A:Usually the shipping takes 9 to 10 days and as for now, for limited products they are offering free 2 day US delivery. Further, they also offer worldwide shipping. If you love what you buy, but dislike paying extra for shipping, just order what you like with Hide My Ass membership, and then you can take them back without shipping fee.

Hide ma ass

Find amazing discounts with verified Hide My Ass free shipping code and coupons for February. Please see the corresponding page for the latest news from October to enjoy the discount. Hide My Ass hopes to unexpectedly relaunch deals this holiday season, including some big Black Friday deals. It's a vision, but anything is possible. It also means you don't have to spend more money on shopping.

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Offer Ends Soon! Get Code DNS Leak Test. Hide My Ass was founded in the year ofand is trusted by plenty of customers with the 30 day money back guarantee and other professional support.

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