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Badass is not a word to be used lightly. Everything can be awesome, cool or plain awesome in its own way with each anime, but badass is a wholly different realm of its own. A moment is badass when the character just strolls through the street and his enemies die around him without the character doing anything. Badass is when your mind gets blown so hard by the scheme of someone that you re-watch the scene ten times in order to properly comprehend what just happened. Welcome to the list of the Top 10 Badass Anime!

Remember the awesome fight scenes that seemed to permeate through the Matrix trilogy? Ghost in the Shell is basically that times ten. And if the main character is badass, it stands to reason the rest of the show should follow suit.

Let it teach Class E of Kunugigaoka Middle School while they try to assassinate him in the process, otherwise it will blow up the Earth as well. The creature, Koro-sensei is certainly powerful, but not badass. The students receive daily training from assassins hired by the government in a desperate bid to save the world.

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But as time goes on, each develops their own set of assassination skills to contribute to the cause and become badass in their own right. After 10 years of the appearance of two gates of heaven and hell, Contractors emerge with supernatural abilities that seem to ignore the realities of physics.

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However, it comes at the cost of their humanity. The main character, Hei, is one such Contractor.

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With each mission, he discovers more and more about the underlying plot against the Contractors. Darker Than Black is about characters with very minor powers utilising them to a very great degree. Hei for example, has the ability to conduct electricity through objects or people.

That moment when Hei attaches a metal wire from his wrist to his target and shocks them to death whilst simultaneously avoiding his pursuers?

Bad ass mc

That just screams badass! One Punch Man Episodes: 12 Aired: October - December Saitama is a hero that has become so strong that he can defeat anything in one punch. One Punch Man quickly pushes aside the pesky plot and jumps straight to the over the top fight scenes that move quickly and intensely yet slow enough for the viewer to follow. The adopted father of Shirou Emiya, Kiritsugu Emiya is an assassin hired by one of the magus family to win the wars.

As fun as the main series was, the prequel feels much more badass in comparison due to the scale of the fights between the Heroic Spirits and the grittiness of Kiritsugu Emiya.

Entire armies will be raised, kings will be cast down and assassins will be obliterated. The badassery of each character will clash with each other to make one of the most badass animes of all time! Dio is unhappy with his station in life and seeks to take over the Joestar fortune from George Joestar and his son, Jonathan Joestar. Through a strange chain of events, the grandson of Jonathan Joestar discovers a stone mask and a plot by evil vampires to take over the world!

It goes without saying that this is a very bizarre anime, hence the title. With a continuous slew of epic fight scenes and new powers as the series goes on, it just gets more and more badass the longer you watch it.

The Revolutionary Army forms an assassination branch called the Night Raid to deal with the menace. Tatsumi aspires to their ideals and leaves his impoverished village in order to help better the conditions of everyone around him. The series closely follows Tatsumi and the Night Raid in their fight against the Empire for a better future.

Akame ga Kill! Is chock full of dark themes and gore.

Mar 04, ][New Life+] Young Again in Another World[ - MC is a berserker kind of bad-ass from the first volume so far. Licensed by J-Novel Club.]Arifureta[ - Licensed by J-Novel Club, MC uses magical guns in a fantasy world for fighting.

In their fights, each character is subjected to a heavy amount of traumatisation from the amount of violence they are put through as well as what they put others through. The main character powers through this and becomes more and more badass the longer he fights.

Sometimes we start badass, in others, the circumstances make us so. The Holy Empire of Britannia has conquered Japan and many other countries with their revolutionary new machine, the Knightmare Frames; a mobile humanoid vehicle.

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Each country loses their identities, rights and privileges and essentially its citizens become indentured servants in the process.

Japan, now renamed Area 11, is where Lelouch resides. He is an exiled prince posing as a student who has high ambitions of vengeance. Through a chance meeting with a mysterious green haired girl named C. With his newly earned power, Lelouch sets out to conquer the world! However, Lelouch plays a much different character archetype. He has no redeeming physical attributes and has lungs worse than a chain smoker.

But his mind is leagues above even the smartest of scientists, able to form tactics and strategies that befuddle his opponents and the viewers. Everything seems to click in place when the viewer finally pieces together the plan that he has been alluding to all the while, and his enemies can do nothing but watch and struggle as they face their doom. All at the hands of a teenager. Thanks in advance for your ideas. Not a very long anime but its pleasing to watch for sure.

The MC doesn't power up or anything through the series but you don't see what he's really capable of for a few episodes. I hope you give it a try really a fun watch.

Looking for anime with a badass main character

He isn't invincible but certainly qualifies as a badass in more than one way. Though this anime has no supernatural characters the MC is what I consider a badass.

Very intelligent and an asshole when he wants to be. Most everyone hates him throughout the anime but he is one of my favorite MC of all time. Side story of romance that does not develop in Season 1 but should develop more in following seasons which should start airing next year.

He is the leader of his own terror organization. It's not ecchi, but there is a fair amount of fanservice. Hamatora The Animation The whole crew is pretty badass, but especially the two main characters.

It is not the greatest anime ever, but very entertaining. Gundam Build Fighters One of the main character has never tried the 'game' before, but he appears out of thin air and incredibly good at it.

Of course the two main characters are the best team ever, and even all the people trying to cheat never even stand a chance. Ghost Hunt Badass arrogant male main character, who is smarter than everyone else, and potentially also more powerful if he decides to use his powers Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka. Cowboy Bebop is the right answer when it comes to badass anime character. Otokojuku or Souten no Ken. If you want intellingent character who knows his stuff in his own area i recommend Fake Gallery or Mahouka Koukou no Rettusei, even though i think you have seen Mahouka.

Just for case ; I know this is coming a bit late ;D. The character with the most screen time is Kiritsugu though, and he is the most badass anime character I've ever seen. Everything about it is badass. Just watch it, trust me :p. Everyone in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is badass. Is this the blood The blood of the Dark Soul? Watch them now. Immahnoob said: They say Jesus walked on water.

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I can walk on people. Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei??

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Dude shoulda try The greatest outcast. The characters dope!

I'm looking for series with badass MCs like: "Fuck you and everything you stand for", but likeable, humble and not banging every girl he meets, or the MC could be a girl (which would be even better) When the MC raises the middle finger to the world, he/she doesn't have to be a demon king (but that could be an interesting thing). Authorized Website and HOME of the Little BadAss Motorcycle Company, Manufacturer of the Little BadAss Minichopper Mini Motorcycle Mini Bike. MADE IN USA. Apr 13, "Bad Ass" is a no-brainer type of movie, just put it on, sit down and disconnect your brain. This movie is fun to watch and is actually entertaining. However, I doubt that I will watch it a second time at any point, the movie just didn't have enough weight to support that, at least not for me/10(18K).

Dimension W-The mc is a hired "collector" and is extremely strong Guilty Crown-Might not be the best for you but still the mc turns badass as the story goes on Katanagatari- MC barely struggles but the art style might not suit everyone Rurouni Kenshin- Like I said the art style might not be visually pleasing since it's a bit old, but it should be worth giving a try Shinmai Maou no Testament- Ecchi but mc is broken as hell.

Im late but I dont care :P and some of the animes with my favorite badass MC are There is little romance season 5 and drama season 1 mainly and through the series. Kaze no Stigma: anime with theme of magic. MC appears as a badass wind mage and pretends to beat the strongest type of mages fire mages and he beats them up pretty easy.

It is later found that he belonged to a fire clan but they didnt accept him because he was weak and goes training for 4 years to obtain his wind powers. Overlord: simply put MC is also intelligent and a badass skelleton mage.

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Try light novels they are even better than the anime. Tenchi muyo war on geminar the episondes are like 45 mins long but i kinda like that about it and the character is a baddass at everthing try the first couple episode and u will like it. Hellsing ultimate Straight up a Badass Mother Fucker.

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I don't watch much anime but obviously He literally jumped from the moon to earth in 2 seconds and made the moon ripple when he jumped off of it.

Hell he even single-handedly destroyed a dragon level meteor. There are quite a few anime with badass mc with an epic plot!

Top 10 Anime Where MC Is Badass And Don't Give A Sh*t

Here are some of my fav. S: Nobubaga the fool - most recommended by me!

Aug 15, Read the topic about Looking for anime with a badass main character on MyAnimeList, and join in the discussion on the largest online anime and manga database in the world! Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more! (Topic ID: ). Badass definition is - ready to cause or get into trouble: mean. How to use badass in a sentence. BADASS Helmet is for anyone that hates helmets! If you're looking for something "different," BADASS Helmet is for you! The ultimate in comfort, style and custom fit sizes.

The protag is quite literally the strongest. He will play with his enemies first and then brutally kills them. I don't think I can ever find a character like Oga.

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